About Us

We'd quickly like to introduce ourselves!

We Are Two Highly Ambitious and Motivated Guys, Who Love Everything About Health and Fitness.

Hi there,

I'm Dexter. Although I live in Germany, I am Dutch. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business & Management and have a regular job of being Account Manager.

My awareness of food and a healthy lifestyle started approximately three years ago, as I went training in the gym and wanted to get some results. I started reading and trying out many different approaches. The experience and results are translated in the way I felt and physically looked. I always try to eat healthy and I do for 95% of the time. I absolutely love to share my knowledge and give people advice.

What makes me happy is when people tell me: "Dexter, it works, I feel and look good now, my mood is 10 times better and I'm feeling way fitter than before",

Hey guys,

I'm Mateo from Czech Republic. I live in The Netherlands since 2009 and I obtained a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business & Management. Dex and I were in the same class. That's where it all started to get awesome. But as you might wonder,  my awareness of food and a healthy lifestyle started already long time ago as my dad was always into 'healthy' and juicing everything what was possible.  At a certain point I started going to the gym because I was not satisfied with my scrawny figure. In that time, more than ever I needed to eat whole foods and avoid all the processed food to get the results I was after.  The healthy food and training translated into the physique I have today which is very satisfying.  Nowadays, I cannot imagine to live different than healthy. My energy goes through the rooftop and my mood is always great. This translates in a healthy confidence and trust in my own abbilities.  With Dex I share the passion to help, teach and shape others to get the health they deserve. There are so many people, who even do not know that they live unhealthy. I am glad to work with Dex and to do my best to help to show as many people as possible, that they can choose to live a healthy life. I am very grateful to see changes in friends and other people's health after they started living healthy. This is the ultimate happiness for me!