You must know by now that we have good and bad fats. If you’re still thinking that fat makes you fat and fat is unhealthy, forget about it. Good fats are absolutely required in your life, with many nutritional benefits. There are both many good and bad fats, where we will discuss the good fats in the next topic!

So why and which fats are bad..


There several bad fats as well, so we’re just going to take you through the bad type of fats, and give you a possible negative effect of them, together with some examples in which foods this fat is included.

Trans fats

Increases chance on a heart attack

Can be found in and thus be careful with:

–   Margarine         –   Cookies

–   Fried dishes      –   Pie and Cake

–   Sweets

Saturated fats

This actually needs a sophisticated explanation, which will be a very long article. However, if you are interested, let us know, so we will write a full article on this. Saturated fats can be both healthy and unhealthy. They can be unhealthy because they easily clit in your arteries. On the other hand, pure chocolate (85%+ cacao) is healthy for your heart and veins.

Can be found in and thus be careful with:

–   Pork        –   Cheese

–   Milk        –   Ice cream

–   Butter     –   White or milk chocolate

Poly unsaturated fats

Omega 6 fatty acids can increase internal inflammations

Can be found in and thus be careful with:

–   Corn oil

–   Sunflower oil

–   Palm oil

As you know now which fats are bad, you can determine what you are not going to eat anymore. Like this tip and want more? Let us know to which email address we can send them!

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